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Put the best talent, tools, integrity and passion to work on your project.

Construction Project Management Services

SD Advisory offers a wide range of owner representation consulting services through our project and construction management group, consistently adding value.

Primarily through the skilled coordination and direction of SD Advisory Principal, Steve Dobbs, we will ensure that you achieve a successful development project from pre-construction, through construction, until post-construction is complete. Throughout these phases we will proactively influence the planning, design, construction, and closeout administration of all project phases.


Scope Development
Budget & Scheduling
Design-Build/GMP/Cost Plus

Construction Management

Contractor Bidding
Construction Monitoring
Quality Control
Safety Programs


Subcontractor Close Out

“A creative thinker, problem-solver, and a strategic decision maker, Steve brings the ability to conceptualize potential problems and offer solutions that mitigate risk while achieving consensus among stakeholders.”


Over the past 30+ years, SD Advisory has successfully built dozens of projects in the sectors of mixed-use multi-family and single family residential, condominium, hospitality, healthcare, office, retail, and restaurants properties. We execute challenging projects guided by the highest standards, protocols and procedures, and excel on projects with complex scopes and unique construction requirements.

As an accomplished and versatile builder, Founder and Principal, Steve Dobbs has more than 3 decades of driving the quality execution of various-sized projects. This unique experience includes creating value, recognizing and achieving stakeholder requirements, and a proven track record of establishing long-term partnerships with owners. 

Our proven methods are exhibited by our diligence and enthusiasm as we work hard for you to ensure the success and efficiency of your project.

“I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from great people at prestigious organizations and apply that experience to successfully build great development teams.”


Steve Dobbs

After launching his career as a Walt Disney Imagineer, directing Starbucks’ “Store-a-Day” nationwide roll-out, and managing a variety of other high-profile jobs, Steve now helps plan, design, and manage small and large construction projects for his clients throughout the country. Beginning his career as a manager and progressed to executive positions; Steve has maintained a track record of identifying new ways to meet goals, revenue targets, and building successful projects. Learn more about Steve’s background on LinkedIn.

A Partnership Approach

When a project is brand new…

As an owner, you know that successful, new projects always begin and end with a solid plan. By participating right up front in the pre-construction planning, we can closely monitor the course of construction all the way through the closeout administration phase. With early involvement and evaluation of project scope, design, costs, constructability, and schedule we can significantly increase the likelihood of your goals and objectives being met.

As owner representative, we will assume a leadership role to integrate with your team and work in tandem with your group. Our extensive experience in spearheading multiple project based efforts while managing, motivating, and leading project teams sets us apart .

We make it our top priority to facilitate clear communication that ensures a unified effort and keeps things on track throughout the project lifecycle. One of our key strengths is in liaising with internal groups (such as real estate, finance, and purchasing).

When a project needs fixing…

Sometimes a project develops issues that are more complex than the current project team realizes, or has the resources to handle. As owner representative, Steve and his team will review the work in progress on a troubled project, analyze past performance, review contract documents, and solicit input from the client before taking appropriate action.

This is where SD Advisory can be brought in to intervene, course correct, and get the project moving in the right direction to achieve its objectives. We encourage the design team, contractors, and suppliers to work together.

Steve will quickly marshal his team to develop an execution plan and make necessary recommendations. We will stay on as your staff extension and hands-on project manager to ensure the project gets back on track.

Steve’s Group will resolve problems that include:

  • Difficulties in meeting milestones and/or completion deadlines
  • Significant and/or critical technical issues
  • Failure to deliver anticipated benefits
  • Consistently and/or significantly behind schedule and budget

When challenges arise, be assured that our expert, problem-solving team will address them head-on to ensure the project moves forward on a defined, and well thought-out path.

“Over the years I have maintained a well-deserved reputation as a goal oriented project champion with long-term business connections and high-value customers.”

The SD Advisory Difference

SD Advisory is well-known for our knowledge and highly dedicated team and external resources. When our comprehensive suite of experts goes to work armed with our bespoke project controls, toolkit, and construction management approach, you have a winning package at your service.

Our perspective and emphasis on talent, innovative tools, solid communication, and passion is what differentiates us from our competitors. We are passionate, resourceful, professional, and nimble, taking pride in providing superior attention to detail in all facets and phases of the project.

“Our ethos is rooted in honesty and integrity and is evident in everything we practice, especially as we interact with others on your behalf.”


We proudly represent the owners of projects under construction including single family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, hospitality, entertainment, office buildings, and retail stores.

Single Family Residential
Multi-Family Residential
Hospitality & Entertainment

“We have more than 30 years of experience driving the quality execution of everything from large-scale, mixed-use, multi-family, multi-million dollar projects, to renovations, tenant fitout, single-family, healthcare, education, restaurants, and retail.”


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Samaritan Daytop Village 

Project Type: Ground-Up, Medical health and wellness treatment facility and Administration offices 

Location: Bronx, NY

Size: 80,000 Sq. ft

Cost: $30M

NYPD State of the Art Bomb Squad

Project Type: Gut Renovation (change of use) to existing masonry building

Location: NYC

Size: 45,000 Sq. ft

Cost: $5M

Central Station Apartments

Project Type: Boutique luxury Multi-family residential community and Mixed-use

Location: Bushwick Brooklyn

Size: 75,000 Sq. ft

Cost: $28M

Whitby Hotel

Project Type: 18 Story, Ground Up- Super Luxury Hotel 

Location: NYC, NY

Size: 100,000 Sq. ft

Cost: $125M

Margaritaville Resort Hotel

Project Type: NewsHi-Rise Hotel

Location: NYC, NY

Size: 150,000 Sq. ft

Cost: $175M

The Grand Apartments

Project Type: Multi family garden apartments remodel

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ

Size: 80,00 Sq. ft

Cost: $35M

Disney Themed Parks/Sports/Hotels

Project Type: Theme park, Hotel & Sports complex

Location: Orlando, Anaheim Ca, Euro Disney

Size: !00,000 + Sq. ft

Cost: $250M +

Single family Residential

Spindler Residence

Project Type: New Wood frame beachfront home

Location: Long Beach, NY

Size: 6,000 Sq ft

Cost: $5M

Braun Residence 

Project Type: Residential Remodel 

Location: Rye, NY 

Size: Window & masonry replacement

Cost: $75,000. 

Lazare Residence

Project Type: Interior remodel

Location: Mamaroneck, Ny

Size: 2,000 Sq ft. 

Cost: $50,000

Retail & Restaurants 

Project Type: Barcelona Restaurants

Location: NY, CT (multiple locations) 

Size: 10,000 Sq. ft

Cost: $ 1.5M

Project Type: Starbucks Nationwide Roll-out

Location: Multiple locations throughout the country 

Size: 1,500 Sq. ft

Cost: $32M

Project Type: Louis Vuitton 

Location: NYC, Palm Beach 

Size: 7500 Sq. ft

Cost: $2.5M